The Granite State Gamer Softball Philosophy goes well beyond the teaching of softball fundamentals and mechanics. Its off season instruction including college clinics, Gamer clinics, and player development sets us apart from other ASA Programs. Smart softball players win games. Passionate softball players refuse to be beaten - on the field, in the batter's box, or during practice. For the Granite State Gamers, it is more about the players' hearts and minds. Our coaches invest in your daughter as a person, not just a player. Discovering what motivates each player, both on and off the field, is an integral part of our program. 


A Gamer is a duck that travels within its “family” to survive. When one duck is down, the rest of the flock helps the fallen duck recover and does not continue its journey until the flock becomes a whole again

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"Ducks Fly Together" 

What is a gamer?